Award Entries

Winning an industry or professional award is a highly effective way of developing your business and enhancing your reputation among customers, suppliers, competitors and the public.

Yet all too often, entries are written in clumsy, jargonised language that leaves the judges confused and means talented, committed people do not receive the recognition they deserve.

We recognise that presentation is as crucial as content when bidding for a successful award and create award entries that:

  • Impress judging panels with clear, vivid evidence of why you should win
  • Present technical information in a way that retains accuracy while removing jargon
  • Tease out telling details that lift your people's achievements off the page
  • Ensure consistent accuracy in writing style, grammar and spelling

As a result, your prospects of winning an award are substantially increased - without you needing to commit valuable time and resources to working on the entry form.

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